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Welcome to Nicole’s Climb to Fight Breast Cancer


About me

2013 marked a new beginning for me.  I moved back to Seattle from down south, lost a bit of my southern drawl and tan, and re-discovered the great outdoors and what it meant to belong to a place.  I work as a lawyer in Issaquah, somewhat similar to my Port Townsend hometown, where I get to enjoy the beauty and fresh air of the Cascades.  The location was not all that changed–moving back to such an inspiring place has enabled me to gain awareness and get involved in the advances being made in technology, economy and law to provide us all with a better life.

Why climb a mountain?Mt Rainier from Lakewood

One month ago I sat in a presentation at REI where an active (intimidatingly fit) female mountain climber told me that 1 in 8 women will battle breast cancer each year.  It struck me that this would mean many people in my life.  More importantly, I learned prevention, medicine and treatment had made overcoming breast cancer possible.  The impact of early detection is incredible–and it could save your sister, daughter, or mother’s life.  Angelina Jolie’s recent revelation that she chose to undergo a double masectomy to avoid a very high risk that she would face breast cancer is a testament to how far we have come not only in detection and prevention, but also in courage.  Healthy is sexy.  And overcoming challenges is empowering.  That’s why I decided to commit my efforts to spreading awareness and raising $5,000 for breast cancer research through Climb to Fight Breast Cancer.  By mid-July I hope to have reached 5,000 people and raised $5,000 towards this goal.  One month later, I will join many breast cancer survivors and supports in climbing Mount Rainier.

What you can do!

There are a number of ways you can lend your support.

Donate To Nicole’s Cancer Climb

E-mail me at to join the “5,000 people, $5,000 to fight cancer” campaign and commit to forwarding an awareness email to your contacts.

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Support one of the women-owned businesses featured on this blog.


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